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Increase awareness of Spirit's movement in your life with fresh and inspirational art and prayer practices

Suzanne and Wanda are available to present a variety of workshops and retreat experiences that use their inspiring art & prayer principles.  This fresh approach to creativity & contemplation will allow each participant to engage in open-ended prayer and art activities. Each workshop is approximately 2 hours from start to finish. They will tailor your presentation and workshop experiences to fit within a format best suited to your group's focus and time frame.

Current workshop themes:

Drawing Nearer: Devotional Workbook of Creative Prayer

Experience a variety of ancient and new contemplative prayer practices paired with open-ended art activities.  Based on the Drawing Nearer book by this name, participants will explore their artistic selves through the mediums of oil pastel, collage and mixed media. Taking an inward look at their relationship to the Holy while developing individual creativity and sense of community through prayer.

Art as a Form of Prayer

You don't need to be an artist to use creativity as a focus for prayer. Image making invites us to explore our deepest spiritual longings.  Using a variety of simple art techniques, participants will use the act of creative imaging to focus their experience with the Holy.

Creating Sacred Places

Create a variety of simple and beautiful interactive prayer stations that provide spiritual experiences for personal or group settings.  Each station uses items most folks have in their homes or places of worship.  Some station elements will be hand fashioned to suite the prayer practice or participants’ personality.

The Art of Retreating

Whether for an hour or a weekend, retreating is an art form in itself.  Suzanne and Wanda guide you in ways that prepares your retreat leaders and group participants for a 'stress free' spirit –filled retreat experience.

Soul Stirring Journals

Tap into your authentic self and tell your faith story using personal reflection, written word and artistic media.  Participants will learn the basics of scrapbooking while focusing on important memorable moments with the Holy along their spiritual journey.

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Workshops used during Retreats:

We would be present at your retreat during specific hours to present thematic workshops of your choosing or we can lead your whole retreat experience from the "welcome time" through "closing worship." We would provide all supplies and materials related directly to the workshops. Your group would be responsible for the all the needs of the retreat and it's participants (i.e. food, sleeping arrangements, meeting places, registration of participants, etc.)  We are also willing to give suggestions for a variety of retreat designs and schedules. Please see the above workshops choices. We can lead 1, 2 or 3 workshop presentations over the course of your retreat depending on your time frames.




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