Artwork © 2009 Suzanne Halstead

Suzanne Halstead and Wanda Schwandt
invite you to deepen your inward journey with God and others.

Drawing Nearer is about the process of drawing nearer to God through
prayer and creativity. Rather than seeking a particular outcome,
we invite you to use the Drawing Nearer books, retreats and workshops in ways
that best fit your unique person, daily living and relationship to the Holy.

The prayer practices and creative prompts are presented to encourage the connection between you, God and others through this process:

Read scripture or sacred writings

Reflect on readings and art images

Pray in a variety of ways

Create from the prayer experience

Witness what you have created

Journal your insights

Tap into your true self; be creative, be prayerful!


Artwork from Drawing Nearer now Available!

The 48 original oil pastels created by Suzanne Halstead for our book, Drawing Nearer: Devotional Workbook of Creative Prayer, are now available for sale - both the original pastels and as high quality giclee prints.

Advent Angels
Devotional Booklet

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Drawing Nearer:
Devotional Workbook

book cover

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